Data inventory

The organisers of the conference prepared an inventory of available legislative datasets of European parliaments.

Legislative text corpora inventory

Contributors: Miklós SebőkSven-Oliver ProkschChristian RauhAnna Székely, Ágnes Dinnyés, Eszter Lancsár, Jan SchwalbachAlexander Dalheimer

The long-term objective of WP5 is to compile a database which provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use collection of legislative speeches and legislative documents covering all EU member countries, the most important EU institutions, as well as the United Kingdom and Israel.

In creating this database within the first 6 months of the project, the following parts have already been compiled. The core product of this period is an inventory in the form of a spreadsheet which provides an overview of already existing collections of legislative texts. We collected data from all available sources, such as parliamentary websites and secondary sources created by scholars or NGOs. We identified the set of currently available sources – covering both primary archives and secondary data collections – by reviewing relevant academic literature, by scoping extant linguistic infrastructures (such as CLARIN), and by surveying the computational social science community via social media.

Users interested in further detail than provided here may also review the respective codebook or the technical reports specifying the major primary and secondary sources per country or supranational institution.

Further information on the individual parts can be found in Deliverable 5.1 available for download here.

Please find our full report here.